How Juicing Can Ease Your Pain

Many things now leads to one health conditions or the other, pain inclusive. Been in pain can lead to loss of energy. Knowing how to ease the pain with juicing is a proactive measure in preventing pains from occurring at all with the help of juicing.

Most people when in pains settles for drugs and herbal mixtures, not knowing that majority of these drugs and mixtures are bad for the body organs. However, there are some juice that helps in reducing and eliminating pain. But, knowing the cause of the pain will help to determine the ingredients to add o the juicing. Here are ways on how juicing can ease pain.


Pineapples contains a substance called Bromelain. Bromelain is good for anti-inflammatory. Consuming freshly made pineapple juice is the only way to get this nutrient supplied to the body intact as frozen or canned pineapple juice will lack this nutrient.

Tart Cherry

Tart cherry is another way to ease pain with juicing. It helps in relieving muscle pain and inflammation. It aids faster muscle recovery in athletes.

Raw Onions

Onions is rich in sulphur compounds, enzymes which helps in easing pain and prevent inflammation.

Bell pepper

Bell pepper is rich in vitamin C and they work as antioxidants which helps the body to get rid of free radicals and prevent inflammation thereby, it helps in easing pain.


Celery oil is good for majorly all kinds of pains. The chemical present in the oil work to relieve muscles and bones and also reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Cayenne pepper

Adding cayyene pepper when juicing works to relieve pain. It can help relax Substance P (the nerve pain chemical). It also high level of capsaicin which works to eliminate pain.


This is a common pain reliever for both internal and external pain. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties which helps in relieving painful conditions.


Known for its numerous health benefits. It has an analgesic which contain high level of bioflavonoids. It is a very powerful herb rich in micronutrients that works to relax the muscle and strengthen the core.


Tomato is rich in lycopene. Snacking on tomatoes supplies the body with lycopene and works as an analgesic helping to relieve pains associated to arthritis.


Salt helps in reducing inflammation thus, it is good for relieve pains and severe headaches like migraines.

Other fruits and vegetables that can be added to juicing to ease pain include; lemon, ginger, tumeric, black pepper, coconut oil, grapes, cucumber, etc.  for commercial perpose cold press juicer is more recommended and for home use masticating or  centrifugal juicer is best.

Looking at the lifestyle of this century, pain is an everyday thing. It is everywhere be it gouts, arthritis, and majority of people settles for pain reliever. Easing of pin with juicing is a natural remedy. The above listed ingredients can be combined together for this purpose and immediate result is guaranteed. It should also be noted that too much of this juice can affect kidneys, liver, nd other vital organs of the body. Consumption should be minimized.