The Right Place To Install Your TV According To Vastu Science

Vastu has been an ancient science that emphasizes on the right placement of gadgets and accessories in your office or house. According to this science, the placement of object has a significant impact on your life. So, to achieve success in your endeavors and experience peace and prosperity in your life, it is important to place the objects at the right place. To implement this ancient science, it is important that you learn the right position, placement, and direction of these objects and accessories.

Why does improper placement of objects create problems?

Vastu science applies to mostly all types of gadgets at office and home. Some of them are fridge, computer, TV, electronic machines and kitchen appliances. When these gadgets are not kept at their right places or right direction, then it creates a sort of imbalance in the home.

This can lead to various kinds of issues that can destroy your personal and professional life. Sony is the worldwide renowned seller of superior quality of electronic products that includes television, camera, phones etc.

How does implementation of Vastu improve your life?

Vastu defects can be removed by getting proper knowledge about Vastu principles. Not just your house interior, but you also need to inspect your exterior of your house to get rid of Vastu defects. Xiaomi is a highly appreciated television brand that brings advanced technology based superior quality television sets at the best price.

Essential Vastu principles to implement in television placement

Some essential Vastu principles that you need to follow when it comes to the right placement of your TV set are mentioned below.

  • Your TV set should be installed only in the south-east part of the room. Do not make the mistake of placing it either in the south-west or in the north east area of the room. Not following this instruction can lead to creation of different issues in your home.
  • According to Vastu, placement of the television in the bedroom is not considered good. If you have to keep it in the bedroom, then ensure that you only keep it in the south-east This will keep the comfort of your bedroom always intact.
  • While you place the television, you must ensure that it is kept neat and clean at all the time. Ensure that no dust particle has got accumulated on the TV set. Also, you need to keep the volume of TV sets low as it will prevent creating an atmosphere of irritation.
  • As per Vastu principles, furniture should never be placed in the west or south direction. This will assist in bringing prosperity and creating an atmosphere of wellness, peace and tranquility in the house. is India’s leading price comparison website that provides discount coupons that leads to considerable savings.


Many times, incorrect positioning of objects or their placement at conflicting places can lead to chaos in your life. The sooner you identify these mistakes, quicker you will be able to rectify it. Proper implementation of Vastu will ensure peaceful ambiance, happiness and success in your life.